Zara, you totally get me.

Due to what I can only call, my strange addiction - jacket buying. I will not be partaking in all of these (just a few).

 Zara - feel free to send any of these my way. I'm good with that whole blogger-exchange system:

Great Soccer Saturday jacket. Just cuz you're momming doesn't mean you have to look like a lump of clay.

Perfect date night attire.

I already have this jacket. I wear it the most of any of my jackets. I feel like everyone needs this. It makes those Jcrew striped jackets, look a little edgy (if that's at all possible)

Love this, great for work, right?

This might be my favorite. I love everything about it. You'll look like a total rock star in this get up, day or night.

It's the little things


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