Hello, I love you won't you tell me your name?

A few things I've fallen in love with this week from around these parts:


Oh, Tavi. Will it ever end? Will you? Or, more like, how will it end with you? I'm one of the millions that tunes in to watch. photo: Petra Collins for Oyster Magazine. For more go here


Shoe, I need you. I will check your webpage everyday, until you are back in stock. You are the perfect height for these beat-up runner's feet, and the perfect amount of bondage without looking too inspired by that certain piece of drek, called literature. 

I love this. It's weird and wonderful.... Jenny and the pets.  illustration: Jenny Keith-Hughes

The perfect L.A. fall, goin-out ensemble. Day or night chic. It's been like, 105 degrees or something stupid this week. I'm supposed to attend a cocktail thing tonight. This would be such a perfect fashion 'moment'. ( except, lose the tights. They're already making me sweat in unmentionable areas)

It's funny that I have no problem committing to a wallpaper for a client, but I'll spend a year or so, tacking samples to my own wall. If you're a wallpaper commitment phobe like me, try this: pull the image off of the internet (pinterest, or just google the image name) and upload it as your iphone wallpaper.

Most of you are probably getting ready to winterize your garden furniture. I'm still in the market and these by Cotswold based, Tredecim have me wrapped around their aluminum legs. I want to own.


Happy Humpday. And remember, if you have children over the age of let's say, 8, this is not ok to write next to a camel on your child's lunch bag or napkin. You will humiliate and quite possibly make them the social repellent of lunch hour because of it. True story.


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