I almost ran this as my 'Peace Out' image. Until I enlarged it and realize that it probably would work better on another blog. Still, what water activity is this? It looks completely fun and scary and I want to do it too. Unfortunately, I think this was a men only trip.

So here we go, I have no one to assign photo credit  (tumblr)  It sort of looks like it was taken in my neck of the woods, what with the houses in the background having an early to mid 90s design, "moment". 

Happy weekend. If you're here in the L.A. area, stay cool in the literal sense (god, can you believe this nonsense heat??). For the rest of you, just stay cool.


Unknown said…
I am really curious to know what the water activity is in this post! I live at a beach and I have never seen such a thing! Love your blog.
72 and sunny said…
Gina, I have NO CLUE. It's like some kind of a water, wave generated conveyer built thing that throws you over the back. I've never seen this before, but it looks like fun (from this shot at least)
Duchy said…
Whatever that giant wave pillow thing is I have to try it! Looks amazing! xoDuchy

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