For lack of a better word, I'm completely enchanted with the 3D paper work of artist, Chloé Fleury. What's that word for a name that matches the owner's occupation... an Aptronym? When your name sounds like a flowery fleury, wouldn't it make sense that you'd create, beautiful, colorful, motion from a static medium?  Here's a bit more about Chloé via her Vimeo profile:

"I am a french multidisciplinary designer, based in San Francisco.
What i really enjoy is creating little worlds. Envisioning them, building them, and eventually bringing them to life through stop motion animation. I think it’s magical."

 Think it's magical? Moi. Aussi.

And then, if you have a few more minutes, check out this super cool video she made on the history of stop-motion films. 

I love stop motion from chloe fleury on Vimeo.



Karena said…
Megan she is so talented and the whimsey and fun are a delight. I am going to watch the video later! Amazing!

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