Monday, November 12, 2012

I just stumbled up-on these Hermes wallpapers.... that I can't find anywhere online, to purchase or even find a price. I'm sure that if I'd invest a little more time into the hunt, I'd find them. Or not? Maybe they're not available anymore.

 If you go on their interactive site (which is the biggest time suck eva') You can find a page that allows you to wallpaper a little on-screen wall. It even has great little sound effects and a little wallpaper application brush...making Yo-ville, even more ghetto than ever. 

Anyway, I still can't find where to- or if -you can purchase the papers on their site (update- I just called the Beverly Hills Store, the paper is all special order from France and is sold by the single roll or by panel. Single rolls begin at $200.00 usd -cost is based on pattern. A downpayment with, in store order is required. )

But it did give me one idea, take a screen-shot of the fake wall that you wallpaper and use it as an iphone wallpaper. Knowing me, I'd get bored of the actual paper anyway, this is a much more cost effective way of getting my Hermes wallpaper fix on.  Of course they're smart. The best patterns aren't available to play with on-line. 


1. Pull these to your desktop and load them into your iPhoto. 
2. On your iphone/ipad, create the image as your wallpaper. 

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