One of the great icons of design, Alberto Pinto, has died (11/5/2012). His style of, classic with a twist, is forever an influence for so many of us. Most of us are not going to be living in, or designing palaces or yachts; but studying his use of color, his mix of modern and neo - classicism, or opulence married with strong graphics, and his adept handling of  scale is an invaluable resource of learning to anyone.

the above, and below, are my two favorite Pinto, designed spaces.

 His interiors have been described as,  "an amalgam of British chic, French elegance, and American rationalism..." Born in Casablanca to Argentinian parents, he was raised in Morocco and later attended, L'Ecole de Louvre before moving to New York to begin a career as a photographer of interiors. His brief photography work lead Pinto to a 4 decade career, designing sumptuous homes, hotels and yachts, worldwide. Evident in his designs are the influences of his diverse cultural background.

Alberto Pinto leaves a legacy of inspiration to all of us with a passion for design.


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