::ROMAN & WILLIAMS:: design


I think this design duo is one of the most creative in the field.

 Their designs and color use, never feels regurgitated.

There's a sort of macabre thread that they masterfully weave into beautiful and cerebral design. 

 This bathroom...is absolutely beautiful, in a haunting, 20s laboratory way. Gorgeous.

 There website has even more......++here++



Thank you for sharing this, I have never heard of them. I must check them out.

Happy Wednesday! xo
kathi said…
Hi there
I agree, the space is beautifully designed. The deep blues are an unusual and brave choice and they work very well. I especially like the arched walk through from one room into the next.
Best to you
Anonymous said…
I had no idea where that last bathroom/tub photo came from, but I had torn it out of a magazine years ago just because I loved the tub. Teri
Crazy for this bathroom. Thanks for the introduction to yet another great designer!
Unknown said…
Love this! Thank you for sharing! Beautiful!

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