Faye Toogood, the British, interiors designer, stylist, furniture maker and assemblage artist - is blowing me away right now. Like you, all kinds of great design sings to me, but when it's comprised of colors and pairings that I don't feel like I've seen a million times, I just want to sit, stare, ingest and be inspired for future reiteration.

Check out this 5 story, London townhouse she and her studio designed :

 A moment for this loo......

and it's tile work....... Slippery when wet? My guess is that the colored tile also serves to keep slipping at bay.

I love the enveloping of the paneling and that goose neck and that rug... and those chairs (!)

More, fantastic tile work and the zinc sink! ( mirror placement/choice. )

This DIY window makes you feel like you're in your own private, Malibu beach house. And that fabric on the chair? so brilliant.

Toogood has gone on to design a minimalist, assemblage based furniture line which you can see more of here.

Photography:: Bill Batten


Unknown said…
Wow, I love everything about this townhouse! I agree the colors are so refreshing. Brilliant design! My favorite room is the bedroom. I can't get enough of that emerald green bench at the foot of the bed. I could see this in my own bedroom. It would go perfectly with my Chinoiserie bedding! Thanks for sharing!
Some really cool ideas! I love it. I don't remember how I found your blog, but I like it!

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