One of my favorite things, seeing the ocean every day, is that everyday, it looks entirely different. Not just the shape of the waves or the motion, but everyday the sea turns out a new color. Some days it's an inky, green-black while other days it's a creamy blue-ish yellow.  I ran across a collection from the Leningrad School of seascapes dating from 1950-1990.  They're a great expression of how each artist sees the sea.

V. Bazhenov. Arabian coast. 1962

N. Halacha. Midday on the Volga. 1975

V. Bazhenov. The Singapore Strait. 1962

Ovchinnikov. Night Doc. 1959

N. Timkov. Rocks in Gurzuf. 1986

These, last two are my favorite from a 'painterly' perspective. Look at all of the colors in those rocks. Beautiful. And the one below, looks edible. It hits so many senses for me. 

Gavrilov. Antarctica. Quiet evening. 1967    


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