These. Are awesome.

In the literal sense. I'm in awe of the detail work, the concept and the ability, to capture such beauty on such a tiny scale.

' The Paint Brush Series ' by artist, Rebecca Szeto features handles that have been carved and painted to resemble, Las Meninas (Maids of Honour), Geishas and other likenesses seemingly inspired by 17th century portraiture.

"I think the underlying theme that unites them is that of the overlooked, in this series specifically, working women and perhaps a questioning of where we as a society place value/worth. Something about being able to reclaim and re-envision portraits of peasant women, mothers, courtesans, children and elevating them to a more revered and tender place in forgotten memory or unrecorded history." - Rebecca Szeto

2 1/2
Oil on Carved Wood, 2010
Collection of Artist

This one is my favorite.... I love the play on consumerism.

 Coronation of the Virgin {Gucci is Next to Godliness}
Oil on Carved Wood, 2001
Private Collection, Italy

"The Paintbrush is self referential, acting as both subject and object: it refers to the history of painting; through the medium of painting; with its own tool."

  Doña Hongari
Oil on Carved Wood, 2010
Private Collection, Seattle, WA

Oil on Carved Wood, 2010

Last 2 images: Studio Shot Detail of Various in Process
Alice (Private collection Seattle); Madonna & Child (Private collection SF); and Geisha
Geisha; Innocence (Private collection Los Angeles); (pre-reworked) Concubine (Private Collection NY)

 "Originally, the brushes were used by me (for my faux finishing business), completely worn out and ready for the garbage. The natural beauty of the "marbling" of paint on the brushes, coupled with small pangs of eco-guilt, and a love of art history lead me to this ongoing series.  Most of the brushes these days come from fans or friends, as the brushes' notoriety have taken a life of their own." - Rebecca Szeto


Here's a short post on her own blog, mindsprinter, brushing over the process. 


Jennifer said…
I've never seen anything like them! So unique!
Love the post! It's when an artist can take an everyday object and see something else.
Wonderful blog! Love following you!
Jamie Herzlinger
Sarah's Fab Day said…
Best thing I've seen in a long time. Love. Megan you have the best eye. I'm always commenting on the artists you feature. Thank you!

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