Have you checked your mail today? The new Crate & Barrel catalog is out and I'm loving the art direction of it. It's laid out in a little, story format made up of, 'this + thats' (the commercial spot, aired last night on The Bachelor-if you were watching- Of course, I was. ) Sure it's very, urban hipster, 'Brooklyn'-ish in its vibe, but it sells their product well (and I swear a friend of mine used to date that guy in plaid )

Page after page of great furniture - and cool young, 30 somethings enjoying their craft beers while snowed in or savoring their home cooked artisan meals in their new, barn wood paneled kitchens. Smart of them to appeal to this market as their prices are always good and they stay up with the design trends.

you go, Crate and Barrel with your self.

Good design and quality, at attainable prices. What's even better, and why I'm even bringing this all up, is because if you flip through the catalog, they've tucked some interesting  digital freebees into the pages. They've got free e-books, paperless posts, a few useable apps and an iTunes playlist, that's actually pretty damn good. Crate & Barrel, has still got it as far as I'm concerned.

 So don't chuck that catalog when it comes, have a flip through and pick up your codes for all of the e-goodies I've shared plus few more.

Check out these freebies (and these are just a few)

1. Wildwood- an e-book with beautiful illustrations.
2.  Paperless post- free invites designed especially for Crate + Barrel
3. Tapeulator - "Because Math is hard" love this app! measuring, hanging frames, this app is your little pocket helper.
4. Great mixed tape. Who doesn't like new music. Especially when it's good and free!

Here's my round up of faves:

1. Chemex- I mean.... right? I grew up with one of these in the house. So, it only seems like you must have one of these sitting atop your gas range. It's just beautiful if anything.

2. Turner Counter Stool- I have a couple of vintage, metal drafting tables in my house that everyone wants to know about, or wants to find something similar to. The Turner Counter Stool is as good of replica as I've seen. A little utilitarian urban touch, shakes up the whole vibe. "vibe-shaking" = A necessary factor in any good design concept.

3. Jaipur bedding- I love these, yummy, earthy toned, block printed, quilted cotton bedding pieces. These are a great answer for couples who don't want anything too floral or too girly. (Sort of the opposite of Laura Ashley let's say)

4. The Breville Ikon- I've sung the praises of this appliance for awhile now. It's my medicine cabinet, my fountain of youth, my diet plan. I LOVE this machine. Why is it better than most juicers? Easy clean up + a stainless steel blade. The price at C+ B is great too.


Anonymous said…
I bought the Breville juicer at Bed Bath & Beyond just after Christmas. Easiest purchase I've ever made. My daughter has a Breville and we made juices over the holiday season so decided to try my hand at it. This one really is easy to clean up as it all goes in the dishwasher, except the plunger, but that cleans easily under running water. Now, I just need to figure out what to do with all that pulp!
beachbungalow8 said…
Dkzody- If you don't do the compost thing, that pulp can be fed to your pets, if their stomachs can handle it and they're not allergic. I had one dog that loved a handful of kale/apple/celery or whatever pulp. And all of that Chlorophyll is just as good for them as it is for us. It does seem sort of a waste. Let me know if you come up with a good resource for all of those mushy nutrients.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for coming by my place. As for the juicer mush, no pets here. I compost yards & yards of leaves so no desire to add more. My daughter says there are people who have come up with recipes for the stuff. She made a frittata w/ spinach mulch. It was ok. For the time being, I'm just going to toss it.
Kim L. said…
The Jaipur bedding is so chic! I especially love the look of quilted bedding pieces. There's something so elegant about them. I'm a huge fan of Peacock Alley's matelasse coverlets which have a timeless quality to them.

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