liquid love

I'm starting this 7 day juice cleanse thingy today. And, according to the program, as I renourish my body, I'm supposed to fill my mind with , "beauty and peaceful imagery", lovely sounds etc, etc, blah, blah, whatevs. All that I feel is grumpy right now for the 'can't haves'. Clearly, I'm in need of a little re-boot mentally and physically. It's a week. I can do it. The 'can't haves' need to be replaced with the, 'you can have, but do you really want it?' Time to bathe in the positive.

I've had these images sitting on my desk top for the last few weeks. I'm so drawn to them. I find myself going through my day, writing an email, working on work and then running my mouse over to the browser to look at these.  If images had fragrance, these would be a light, powdery one with a hint of pepper. They make me calm and happy.


The creative genius behind these is set designer and stylist, Rhea Thierstein . The incredible photography is by Tim Walker. And they're serving their purpose today.

/// by the way, Rhea Thierstein is an incredibly talented, multidisciplinary artist. I recommend checking out her site for more of her creations.\\\\


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