This is a great introspect of LA based visual artist, Geoff McFetridge's 'method'. If you're not familiar with his work, definitely worth checking out. He's a genius.

You may be familiar with Pottok Prints, a line of hand silk screened wallpapers that he and his wife (artist, Sarah DiVincentes) designed along with partner Yong-Ki Chang. My favorite of which is the Whale print:

And one more example of his multi-disciplinarian geniosity.  (you know how I love myself a good stop motion film. They did this by lasering the design in over 2 thousand pieces of toast and shooting each one individually. Love that kind of thing.

'Last Leaf' by OK Go from NimbleBot on Vimeo.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the intro to Geoff McFetridge, LOVE his aesthetic & use of color. Also obsessed with Pottok me some preppy whale walls! fabulous stuff!

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