Erik Olson::Architecture of the Face.


dude can paint.

 To see more of his glorious talent go here.


Karena said…
Megan how fascinating and I love that he works large scale!

Love and Hugs,
Art by Karena
Anonymous said…
oh my. love it.

Anonymous said…
Why don't artists list their prices? Is it considered crass or are they negotiable or something? I see a lot of great artist posts on blogs with links but when I go to their sites the prices are never there which makes me think they are way out of my range. If they were in my range I would buy them but am I expected to go on a hunt in order to do that? What am I missing?
Wow what an amazing artist!! I think my favorite would have to be the 2nd one down with the green background but its hard to choose because they are all amazing! Does anyone have a favorite?

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