Monday, April 29, 2013

Over the years I've collected entertaining books...and Entertaining Books. I find that the most, entertaining books, are those that are reflective of their region.  Junior League cookbooks are always great for this ( a favorite of mine: Kansas City Jr. League's circa 1985 ) . Combining menus and table settings that reflect their respective environments, these books are great hostess how-to manuals. I think some of the best come out of the Southern states because there's such a definitive sense of tradition and particular way of doing things and let's face it - they know what's up when it comes to entertaining.

'Palm  Beach Entertaining - Creating Occasions to Remember'

'Palm  Beach Entertaining - Creating Occasions to Remember'
'Palm  Beach Entertaining - Creating Occasions to Remember'

Then you have the coastal towns of Florida - practically a foreign culture to many of us West of the Mississippi and Rockies. Palm Beach with it's Caribbean waters and a world filled with a, seemingly, endless amount of outdoor soirees on balmy evenings. It exudes such an ease to the glamour.

'Palm  Beach Entertaining - Creating Occasions to Remember'

I was recently introduced to the book, 'Palm  Beach Entertaining - Creating Occasions to Remember' by Annie Falk. The book is a compendium of the relaxed and sparkly entertainment style for which Palm Beach is known. Beautiful photos of tablescapes and parties accompany menus and recipes to borrow and recreate. Making it the perfect planning book as we ease our way into summer.

Proceeds of the book benefit the Children's Home Society of Florida.


Peggy and Fritz said...

Ah we all know I need this LOL! My kind of book.

Karen Albert said...

Sounds like a winner Megan. I love my Kansas City Jr League cook books!
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