QUI: The Makers

One creative visionary ( Paul Qui ) lays aside any hubris and creates a space for artists to come together as a group to create a restaurant that is experiential on every level from the space that it's served to the dishes on which it is served. A beautiful, and radical approach to art that provides the public, to experience creative vision with every sense.

Why don't more companies think this way?

Qui officially opens its doors in Austin, TX June 20th, 2013

As it should be....Qui: The Makers


Lori said…
This is fantastic! I know what you mean about wishing other companies would think this way. In my last company I encountered immense push back every time I lobbied for our focus to be on the customer's EXPERIENCE, not just our products and services.

Everything I have read over the last year or so points to consumers becoming much more attuned to how companies make them feel, than the nuts and bolts of products or services they provide. It's the next (necessary) level in relationship/community building. And the world needs more open minded collaboration! Bravo to Qui, I hope it's wildly successful.
MJH DesignArts said…
I would say that Qui is creating true love or oneness.

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