You're gonna LOVE this.

I have a garage full of furniture that's:

A. too nice to stick out on the alley
B. too nice to hock at a garage sale
C. probably will join the rest of my furniture stash over in my storage space (bee tee dubs, at last count includes 27 chairs) on which I will continue to pay the monthly fee for another 10 years.

 Pair of orange Alexander side chairs. Originally: $3,625 Chairish price: $1,450

Is it really worth it at that point? Really, no. But where else would I sell it? I mean, a garage sale is a great idea, but WHO HAS THE TIME.

 Collector's Edition Bamboo Server, by Baker. Originally $4,150  Chairish price: $1,200

Here's where. First of all, total disclosure, I've just joined their team to head up the LA market. Prior to joining the Chairish team, I was told about this site via a friend who has a mutual obsession with cool furniture.

 Chairish, is an online consignment service where one can either take a photo of their piece and upload to the site (for free) or have it all handled by Chairish. Here's the deal though, this isn't just your ordinary consignment situation. Every piece that's submitted is looked at and vetted, keeping the site robust with Amay-zing finds. Seriously, go check it out yourself. I did and found myself no longer, meandering over to the Fbook in times of procrastination, but rather I found myself perusing the pages of Chairish.  Seriously, check it out you'll be hooked.

See? I know. And what's crazy is, how wasn't this happening before? How has this not been thought of? Designers, can you imagine being able to give your clients this inside scoop as a place for them to unload that great sofa that you're replacing with an even more fabulous piece? Non designers - it's like found money.

Black and White Dhurrie poufs. Originally priced $1,200 - Chairish price: $500

The standard service at Chairish is nation wide and the Concierge services are currently in SF and LA. If you're in the LA area, and have some cool, fabulous, dynamic, lovely home decor you'd like to cash in on, go check it out. And if you have any questions, let me know.


MJH DesignArts said…
This site sounds like it has super potential. The fact that the items are "vetted" is a huge plus.
OMG i have to have those two lamps, they are exactly what I'm looking for for my bedroom! Thanks for the introduction to Chairish!

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