artist::kate walchuk

Halifax, artist Kate Walchuk attempts to capture those stories that we all tend to tell for awhile until one day we wake up to realize that we no longer relay them. In her current collection of work ,'Good Shape' Kate creates little pieces of art reflecting the funny moments of travel. None of the pieces are done on traditional canvas but are done on the inside of shells, souvenier plates and even matchbooks. I'm a sucker for miniature detailed anything, especially when done by hand.


Unknown said…
Wonderful! Love the seashell paintings.
Shay said…
Just absolutely perfect!
Lisa Porter said…
Love. Especially the "left my slippers in a Houston hotel room" plate! Also love that West Elm video! Would be nice to sail through summer with that soundtrack on loop.
Hope yours is going swell.
xo Lisa
My favorite is the matchbox. But the best reuse of crappy china!

This could be a great craft for kids to record this summer's best memory. Cheers!
Ivy Lane said…
The seashells are my fave...
Unknown said…
These are very, very cool. I, of course, adore the matchbox.


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