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 Happy Monday! Shall we procrastinate a bit ?

Culled from New York Design Week '13 - a few of my favorites.....................

 Bunad Blankets
designed by Andreas Engesvik, Oslo

this is just another piece from the collection. I couldn't leave it out....too good.

Gypsy and Patinated brass cabinet designed by Douglas Mackie
available at bespoke global


Helix Coffee Table
designed by Chris Hardy
available at DWR

designed by Express Yourself Team

Crown Vase
designed by Lambert Rainville

Day Dreams Mirror (Icelandic tryptic) >> go check out the rest of his work, too. It's all pretty trippy.
designed by Jason Miller  

Blow - repurposed staves from a french wine barrel
designed by Lindsey Adelman

Handmade Blankets 
designed by Bryant Archie, made by global artisans for D Bryant Archie

Hard material made to be soft upholstery
designed by  New Colony Furniture


Leigh Chandler said…
Fabulous finds! Thanks for sharing!

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