Pen & Ink

Whenever I bring up the idea of a simple line, being drawn around my wrist, only curving up and then back like a wave, around the knobby bone on my wrist, Nick asks, 'Why do you need to keep drawing on yourself?' I don't really have a good reply. I've been drawing on myself most of my life.

 I do have one tatt. and likely, that will be it. Because, it's true. What they say. Your skin really does start to age after awhile. And that tatt you got at 30, doesn't quite look the same on skin that is becoming increasingly aged. I've never seen an octogenarian that I thought needed a tattoo.

That said, I have a pinterest board with all kinds of beautiful tatts that I think about. And that said, I love checking out other's ink, always wondering what the story is behind each piece. 'Pen & Ink, Tattoos and the stories behind them" is a fantastic collection of beautiful pen and ink illustrations, spotted with watercolor, of real tatts and, the stories behind them. I love it.

And I may still get a very thin line around my wrist, the meaning will be for me alone.


Ashley said…
I love this post, the illustrations are amazing! I am a tattooed lady (a few big pieces but all easily hide-able, when need be) and think that if there's a piece you want to get just for you, you should do it! Tattoos are very special and not necessarily meant to be understood by others.
cecilia said…
Agree with Ash! These illustrations are very, very cool. And I do love the little wave on the wrist -- I've never seen anything like that. The simplicity and whatever the meaning to you -- YOLO. (My overused mantra of late.)

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