Friday, August 29, 2014

I see the light

When we first moved into the new house, the kitchen had one of those, Ingo Maurer, "Zettel's 5" fixtures hanging above the kitchen island.

And while it was romantic, interesting, thoughtful and had a nice way of diffusing light, the two of us, we weren't meant to be.

 That, and I've been eyeing the, oh-so trending, industry standard parts fixtures - DIY or BIY (depending on your wallet, resourcefulness and general level of patience to sanity matrix). Because complicated puzzles are my Ritalin, and $150.00 seemed a little easier to spend on a trend than 4k, I chose DIY.

Lindsey Adelman who, from what I can tell, really brought this trend into the spotlight, makes some really cool versions. Which you can purchase, pre-made. For a lot. BUT she has also,  put together this awesome kit that only requires your patience and a handy electrician.

Sure it's not for the squeamish. But, it's completely doable, and like I said, oddly calming to create.

Here's what you get in the box:

I should note, they don't give you the wire strippers, hammer, measuring tape nor scissors. Also, that fabric covered, black cord is one I had ordered, thinking that I might need more wire. They do send you that nicely coiled gold wire. 

Then you down load this pdf and prepare to have your eyes start to spin a little. But, hold on, it's cool. Because it comes together pretty easily.
Explode Your Brain, View.
Thank god for Juan.

Lights on,

Isn't it so great??! I'm totally stoked.

A few other joints around Cali that sell pre made Industry Parts Fixtures (there must be a better name for these things) 

Big Daddy Antiques - SF and LA

And I hear that you can find some great ones at the Rose Bowl Flea. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

peace out

Art | Link | Letter

The Green Tablecloth
oil on canvas
23 7/8 x 27 1/2 inches

Where in I give you a bit of art, some links and some good reading from my week's finds. 

+   A nice collection from the art of American landscape and watercolor artist, Nell Blaine. Kool Aid color for dayz. 

+   Ellen Langer on Mindful thinking. I can never get enough of this kind of stuff.

+   Like Knows Like - A co-founded initiative by filmakers who create short documentary films about cool, creative people. My favorite is this one on Lisa Congdon. I love her energy and her work. She inspires me.

+   Made this for dinner, and it was delish.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

surf side

New house = New teen bedrooms. First up, the 13 year old surfer chick. Not to get all, West Coast/LA on you - this kid is my Pisces. My little fish. It's all about the water....that and the salt in the air/sand in the hair/don't care attitude. I wanted to give her a space that was as down to earth, playful and reflective of the Cali-girl that she is.

To make the headboard, I found a beautiful piece of wood at Home Depot, bolted it to the wall and pasted on a, found, surf photo from the 70s. If you do this, make sure to get the anchors and large bolts. ( Otherwise, Flat Stanley ) If I had it my way?  I'd have made the image a bit funkier. Something like a Jeff Devine shot. But it turns out that this little fish, has all of the 'p.i.t.a. client' personality traits that sometimes come with this biz. My hands were tied.
 ( Her room recently had a camp trunk explosion so I can't take a photo of the finished product just yet )


2.  Boone Light fixture by Park Collective (another fave lighting source is Omega)

5. Gold bean bag by Nneka Okorie (the one in picture is only avl in Canada)
6. Kalixx shelving Ikea

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


 Last week I carried the last box from the garage, lugged it into the back of the car and tugged down the, once, electric garage door. At last, after 3 consecutive days of 14 hours of moving, I bade farewell to 13 years of living in the little Beach Bungalow by the sea.

The resident teenagers when I first began this blog. 

When I began this blog, it was simply a means of sharing with whomever was out there in the vast unknown - soon to be known as  "The Blogosphere". I'd read my little ones a book, put them to bed, shut their doors and pad out to my gar-office to peck away at my keyboard. I had no idea if anyone was reading. Or really cared.  You were my adults to relax with after a day of single parenting.

A last shot before the movers come Check out how the floors patina-ed. I love it.

I created posts about anything that inspired me creatively. I had no agenda, just this need to put it out there. Probably much of it was odd and obscure to most. But week after week, you all checked in, joined me, commented and became part of my life in the little bungalow.

Freshly painted and papered. The bus sign has found a new home at a bachelor friend's apartment. He loves it.

Through the years, I've shared a new marriage, the painted floors heard round the world, the beach bungalow bedroom, the Imperial Trellis accent wall that just wouldn't quit (trust me, I  was sick of it too. ) I blogged about kid friendly spaces, being inspired to design a space based on things like a dollar bill. I shared music, fashion, beautiful, awe inspiring interiors and fine art. And I guess I'm not done yet. I just needed a bit of a break, or a something to shake things up.

It's a "beach bedroom". Google will tell you so. I loved how a few 1 x 4s completely changed the look of this, dry walled addition that was new to the house (and looked it) when I first bought it.

whoa. TBT . Reminding me that it's always good to change things up.

See what I did there? I went and changed that damn wallpaper. A perfect blogging moment lost. ( Fred'll be watching for cats)

Beginning the deconstruction.

gross. I swear my house was not this dirty before I had movers stomping through dragging ladders with clumps of dirt and leaves. Also, yes, I get the urge to paint things in my house at 10pm, do it myself through the night, too tired and without help, to move anything. So, I just paint around it.

This recent move, not far from The Bungalow, has inspired me to jump back into the old blog; clear away some cobwebs, weed the garden and spruce things up. My hiatus was probably a good thing. Sometimes we need to, purge a bit, step back to gain perspective and then start a new. 

View from the new beach bedroom. 

If you're still out there, thanks for checking in. I'm planning to share some peeks into the new pad. I'm hella busy these days with design clients, but I'm really going to try and get a few posts in a week.

In the mean time, thank you,  our little beach bungalow by the sea. We wrung you dry of every last ounce of spirit you had left. We loved you hard and I'm pretty sure you loved us right back. You were one of the lone survivors in a sea of McMansions and will forever be in our memories. xoxo

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