With reverent honor for all things anthropologie, I'm just sayin'..

I love anthropologie. I want to marry it. I want the store (any of them) to be my cool SOHO loft. I want the racks of clothes to be my personal closet. I want to steep myself in the beauty of this Wary-Meyers love child (http://www.warymeyers.com/). I want to roll around in the majesty of organic, retro-hippyness and hope that some of it sticks to me. I'm a big fan. So you know when I ask, 'what the heck is the deal with the gorgeous furniture that's made so shoddily" it's only because I'm trying to help with the quality control over there. check out this photo....notice the (crooked) leg? It's from the website. photo style much? when I went to test drive the furniture, in person, I noticed that it weighs about 3 pounds. that's quality. I'm just sayin'...for the price, you'd think they could step up their game a bit.


Anonymous said…
Wow. Thanks for that little review. You're right, as much as they charge (yikes)it should be sturdy.

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