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I've just purchased this cute little, baby doll dress designed by Grace Sun ( an ex-intern of designer,Phillip Lim). It's super cute. But here's the dillema (well actually I have a couple). The model, winsome, coy and gamine, and about 22, looks fab in it. I'm not about to start talking smack about myself but, I'm not 22. My knees, have laugh lines. wrinkles. whatever. I've enjoyed an active life in the sun and it's starting to show. So can I get away with this? A little wrinkly knee action? I'm also a little scared that the baby doll-look might, unwittingly, reference, 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane'. The other issue is, what shoe? I think the one they show here is way wrong. A wedge is out. This strappy number, uh. whatever. What I need is a really sexy stiletto that's modern too. LIke a high-end stripper shoe (oxymoron much?) So here's what I've done, I've made another Target purchase (it's all in about 'owning' the look) . I found the perfect, modern, stacked heel (albeit printed on the heel) at Target! and it gets better, they were on clearance. $12.95. I'm high fivin' all y'all right now.


Anonymous said…
I also have these shoes from Target, and they go with so many things. They are fairly comfortable for high heels
beachbungalow8 said…
they're awesome, and actually are comfortable. you just sort of can't have anyone look closely at the spray painted 'stripes' that are supposed to be the stacked heel! but, who the heck is looking..."own it" i say!

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