sea of green

jadeite, originally uploaded by bungalow8.

I've always loved the beauty of beach glass and its translucent qualities. Many years ago, I discovered jadite at an old restaurant supply store in kansas city, missouri. It reminded me so much of ocean tumbled glass that I bought a stack of coffee mugs for a dollar a piece. Later, with the birth of ebay, I found more and my collection grew. In 1942 Jadite, became the signature item of the Fire-King, Anchor Hocking glass line. The oven-ware was attractive, durable, and inexpensive. Items were multi-functional. A casserole was used to bake, serve, and then store leftovers in the refrigerator. The color inspired me so much that I've painted the walls in two different houses in this hue (martha stewart's 'taper green' found at OSH hardware) I still check on jadite when I'm having an ebay kinda day. The prices have gone up with popularity, but I'm ever hopeful to stumble across another pile of it for a dollar.


Style Court said…
Wow Megan, you really launched this with a bang! So many great posts. I'm impressed.


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