aqua vitae design

While watching , "the perfect summer party" on 'fineliving' one evening, I became curious about the show's hosts-A design duo named, Alexandra and Eliot Angle. I, of course, 'googled' them and found out that they're designers, here in L.A (aquavitaedesign). Not only do they do, extremely clever, event planning, but they are also interior designers , furniture designers (you can buy these pieces on their website) and published authors of 2 books! These folks are crankin! Check out some shots I've pulled from their portfolio. Their work, in my opinion, is incredible. BEAUtiful use of color and patterns. Look closely at that fabric on the chairs, it's so fabulous. That color on the walls is yum! and then, check out that oriental print on the pillow below. So awesome. And I'm always one for a monogram. Where did they find that ice cream piece on the wall??? I trawled for that one on ebay for about a year. It looks to be from an old cafeteria. Here are a few of their many furniture designs. again, gorgeous fabric on this ottoman. And haven't you been wanting a bit of lucite in your pad? The lines on this chair are lovely. Oh, and they also have antiques for sale on their site:


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