educational plates

I find these so beautiful and striking. Originally used as, french educational tools, these can now be found in select antique and interior stores. The originals run around $650.00. By original, this means that they were printed between 1950 - 1970. But you can find reproductions at anthropolgie (of course!) for around $228. These have a bit of a happier, maybe- less, Tim Burton feel to them. I love them both and would love to see the spiders in an elegantly appointed room. I think it would be a bold, confident statement and really bring out the beauty ( and elegance) of all things nature. Just my opinion. these, originals, hung on wooden dowels can be found here, in Los Angeles at Voila Gallery 332 1/2 N. La Brea Ave. they're very nice to work with no attitude (and who has time for that) Phone: 323-954-0418


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