feather my nest

I was recently checking out ferm wallcoverings (because i'm hunting down a large, graphic, 70s inspired wallpaper-that's another post) and I found this beauty: It made me realize that, lately, I've been seeing a lot of the peacock feather motifs. Maybe it's a hybrid of the recent bird, design craze and the rise of boho popularity. Urban has a few items such as this print: and this groovy rug. They also have this: Which is all very, 'Trial Of Billy Jack' -'One Tin Soldier' and all, but it sort of skigs me out. I don't really like this design element in it's true form. I'm happier to stick with a little more of a graphic version of the feather. A bit removed from its original source you might say. With that said, check these lively little items out (found at super deluxe nyc)..... and one more little somethin' somethin' from anthropologie:


Anonymous said…
Thank god someone can make a connection between 'One Tin Soldier' and a feather headband. And let's not forget anything remotely similar to a feathery dream catcher. Blick. That said-lu-u-uv the anthro bag and the goods from Superdeluxe.

Karen S.
beachbungalow8 said…
OH! good god! i didn't even think of the dream catcher (at its best, hanging from a review mirror, of course). you may have ruined this whole trend for me with that connection! I'm not completely sold on it,however that wallpaper is off the hook.
Anonymous said…
Hi! love your blog! This post was a bit funny... In Norway Ari Behn, who is married to our princess, has designed china called peacock.. Well,he is a writer so I dont know what to think about the china. you can see it here: http://www.magnor-glassverk.no/

** Terramia ** said…
So many appear to be drawn to feathers & birds-de-plume as of late (me included!) Something in the air perchance?
Lovely post!!
beachbungalow8 said…
ann-kristin, i liked that china. it's pretty. food and feathers though. not sure it works for me. makes me feel that i have something on my tongue.
I love peacocks! I have nine in my garden in Marrakech! I am desperate to buy those adorable peacock tea sets from Kate Spade!
beachbungalow8 said…
I adore marrakech! how lucky you are to live there and have those sweet birds in your garden. who needs garden gnomes?

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