givin' a shizzout to gizoogle

I have no idea what this has to do with design, fashion or things fabulous (except how often do I get to add a headline grabber like snoop). But I wanted to share with you something, I find, really, irreverently funny. I came across this website a few years ago- Gizoogle. It's a search engine that translates all its findings into this kind of shizzle. For instance when I gizoogled beachbungalow8 I received several headlines like this: "featha mah nizzest" it goes on to translate my writings in this, um, urban vernacular with great aplomb: "I was recently check'n out ferm doggy stylin' (coz i'm hunt'n dizzy a large, graphic, 70s inspired brotha killa post) n I found this beauty cuz I'm fresh out the pen:" I'm not really sure why you need to know about this site. But maybe the next time you're gettin' your gin and juice on, while listening to "that 808", it would be a really fun thing to talk about. Or even, just, you know, when you're standing around waiting to pick up your kids from school. You and the other moms can shoot the shizzle.


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