i left my heart in san francisco........

for all of you who know me, you know that i look, wistfully, north and hope that someday i will return to san francisco. I miss the fog, the chill, the wind, clement street, the mission, the people, the vibe, the city, the bay and that beautiful master piece of "international orange" paint, the g.g. bridge. I have now found something that will act as a window to my 'home'. San Francisco artist, Kim Cogan, captures the city more accurately than any photo, writing or painting i have ever seen. i'm not sure if it's because of his subject matter. (this one looks like it was done in my old 'hood) or just his deft skill with oil paint. he's so amazing that i actually get emotional when i see his work. And there's something vaguely 70s about the style. which i love. i feel as though i'm there-- and can smell the sea, the garlic being warmed in the woks,i can hear the fog horns and the gulls. it all wells up in me when i experience his work. So until i get myself back where i belong, i will pine no more, but will hang one of these on my wall and look forward. not backward. You can see an interview with Cogan here, at feedmecoolshit.com and you can view more of his heart-tugging (says me) work here at, whitewallsgallery.com -where you can also see his paintings, in person, if you're in the bay area.


Anonymous said…
Cool. It's looked exactly like that here the last day or two.

BTW, I believe it's International Orange.

While I'm in the "correcting" mood, I've noticed you recommend Manka's in your Go section. Perhaps you haven't heard. The lodge burned to the ground in December during in intense storm. I kid you not. Very sad. I think they still rent some of the outlying cabins but no more decadent dinners in that crazy restaurant. At least for a while, if ever. Google it.
beachbungalow8 said…
you're so right. it IS international orange. when you think you're a know-it-all like myself, why bother fact checking? continental-international. whatevs.

and good god. no. i didn't know about manka's maybe i'll call that
'go...or not'

feel free to always correct me!i'm sure there are plenty of instances that call for it!

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