One of the services that I offer as a designer is this handy little box, made specifically for each client. It's customized for them, based on their own measurements of the room and any jpgs or specific wants and needs. This was for a 'tween room' that I did. The direction given was to design a pink room for a 9 year old. The caveat: 'not too baby-ish'. It had to be hip and cool but still girlie. My starting point inspiration was this piece from the design group- 'village', in NYC. (some of you probably saw this on the cover of Domino magazine some time back) This original silkscreen serves as a great jumping point for the room's color palette and personality direction. (Adolescence in a phrase ! ) I chose a warm salmon pink for the walls (and decided to use this lattice wallpaper by twenty2 for an accent wall against which I'll suggest putting the bed. I suggested this bed from anthropologie because I like the repeat of the lattice detail. I also suggested she use this Francis Elkins inspired chair, reupholstering it in this lively, fun print from there it was all about filling it in. The prop styling. Using textiles, which include a custom rug, bedding and various tchotchkes, I like to create a space that doesn't look like a designer came in and hit it with the design stick. Once I've gathered everything, done the research, reviewed the resources, drawn sketches and drafted floor plans, the client receives their customized, 'Room-To-Go' box. This includes a list of resources for the items mentioned as well as the inspiration board, portable swatch book and drawings. Now they can pull together their room at their own pace with a mapped out plan and professional guidance!


Unknown said…
Love this posting and the concept of it. Very, very clever. Where do you get the images of the round paint samples??

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