sounds like "hybrid"- in french

Ibride is a design collaboration between French, graphic designer Rachel Convers and industrial designer Benoit Convers. Their collection includes furniture and accessories.The furniture is a whole other posting (wacky half animal stuff) What really caught my eye were these trays.They're completely functional as well, made from a high pressure laminate. Apparently you can use them to roll out with the cheese and crackers or pass the mojitos. I, for one, would hang them in a group (or alone) on a wall. They're wonderful and weird (like some of my favorite people). These would make a really cool wedding gift for someone. They have a traditional feel with the lattice work but then you get thrown the modern curve with the dream-like , animal imagery. "Ibride has developed a phantasmagorical universe that's both humorous and sensible. We like objects that take on another dimension, that can be read more than one way, with more than one function" and that, they have produced. oh, and their website is simply magnifique. ibride If you want to purchase one, two or the whole lot you can buy them at velocity for around $60.00


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