Wearable treasures by, Katherine Dejarnette Babin

A girl after my own, 'i can totally make that' heart--Katherine DeJarnette Babin, uses found treasures in her native New Orleans, and pairs them with modern pieces to create, beautiful, striking pieces of jewelry. She hand selects materials such as vintage glass beads, lockets and brooches, semi-precious stones, metals and textiles. Now, with the launch of her "dejarnette' website, her jewelry is available to those outside of the New Orleans area. I ADORE this little carousal necklace (I hope there's more than one). and these are beautiful in that french-flea-market way. Sort of old and euro, oddly old-school catholic. They have that feeling of provenance. Like you found them at the bottom of your grandmother's jewelry box and strung them on a chain. I really like that she uses chains that don't look like the basic ones you see everywhere. This little detail makes the whole piece perfect. The prices are really reasonable and right now, you can get 10% off on her website when you order through May.


Anonymous said…
So funny, I am just about to write a feature on one of her pieces - they're insanely beautiful - I purchased one and it is absolutely one of my favorites!

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