acme boots

acme boots, originally uploaded by beachbound.

i found these boots in aspen 15 years ago. christie turlington had just worn them in a shoot for vogue (name dropper). i bought (i just wrote 'boughten' -b jesus.) them off of the stylist. they're old and the leather is crunchy. but i still love them to this day.


Cranny said…
Those boots are amazing. I have my moms from the seventies and i wear them all the time!
beachbungalow8 said…
oh i know. man they're the best. i sort of love them like an old pet. they're art too. i found some really cute ones on ebay for kids!!! how cute would that be?? i think these are from the late 40s
Style Court said…
The boots are amazing but I love your garden stool in the background :)

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