edward wormley cocktail tables

Lovely, walnut, brass and mosaic tile--"cocktail" tables by american designer, Edward Wormley circa 1950's. i can just hear 'tijuana brass' playing in the background as folks sip their libations, making idle chit-chat. for these are not 'coffee tables' but 'cocktail tables'. love the bottom of a swimming pool in mexico quality.

Price $16,875

Condition excellent, most excellent i might add.

Measurements height: 40.64 cm (1 ft. 4 in.) depth: 57.15 cm (1 ft. 10.5 in.) width/length: 114.3 cm (3 ft. 9 in.)

Photography provided by 20th Century Interiors

Location 20th Century Interiors 3686 20th st. San Francisco CA, 94110 Phone: 415-970-8500


katiedid said…
I am having one of those "if only" moments. These are great...if only I could move htat decimal point to the left a little. Really beautiful.
(p.s.I am adding you to my blogger list! Such a fun blog!)
beachbungalow8 said…
ya. i'm with you. i bit spenny. but great!

thank you for the add!

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