I can totally make that-and so can you

i found some great stuff over at ikeahacker.com. if you're unfamiliar with ikea hacker, it's a symposium for people who have taken ikea product, pimped, customized and put some, metaphorical rims on it. here's an ikea glass front cabinet. a little bit country. add a little high gloss black paint, and now your a little bit rock-n-roll. this is really great, the areas that are brown, were masked and the rest was painted. so simple. and hey, if you're 'not an artist' --quit whining, and go on line, print out a butterfly and cut around the shape of it, glue it down and you have a mask. simp (not you-- the project) no talent needed. promise. here's one wardrobe, done 3 ways: collage cra-zee shabby chic and asian fusion this is the ulitmate in pimping out your simple ikea table. this gal/guy whatever, had mirrors cut at a mirror cutting place. and then attached them with liquid nails. total price- $200.00 in process (above) et voila! parsons table redux


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