les indiennes

I'll admit it, i have a bit of a one track design-mind these days. but i think that's how it goes with personal design. we all have our, inner trends, and we coast for a while. i've mentioned my crush on john robshaw (um.. the line not the man) textiles. 'les indiennes' is one of my other crushes. and not so far removed. I love, love, love the wood block printed linens and their washed out pigments. they're such a refreshing change from that "shabby chic" feel (no offense intended). a bit bohemian and completely comfortable.fresh and well traveled- sophisticated really.

back story: Tucson-based interior designer and stylist Mary Mulcahy began looking for fabric printed with simple, repeating designs for her clients and herself, but she found nothing. So she posted a request on an online Indian message board (craig's list?c'est possible?in india?) responses eventually led her to Srinivas Pitchuka, a master in the art of kalamkari. the kalamkari process requires more than a dozen steps to create these, antiqued, hand printed textiles. thus became 'les indiennes'. these items are available to the trade but more easily found at various retail locations located on the les indiennes site.

gorgeous. amazing. colors that are a gourmet mix of hues. not just the given. love the simplicity of this room; the colors and textiles make this space. simple perfection.



really fresh designs, and the story behind the creation is great. thanks!!
Style Court said…
I too have a huge crush on both :)
beachbungalow8 said…
no surprise there miss style court!
katiedid said…
I really love these fabrics. The one with the trees esp. caught my eye
benson said…
Not sure if you still have the "crush" on Les Indiennes--but I just posted some auctions on Ebay (les indiennes) with the indigo, madder red, and gold fabrics...I have been designing for a while with them and had cabinets full of this and that! Enjoy!
giselle said…
giselle said: benson, did you just post some more les indiennes on ebay?

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