artist, aaron parazette (that's him at left) is a hermosa beach native. who, like most kids around here, grew up surfing. His passion for the ocean has been translated to his artistic talents. Parazette creates beautiful, clever yet simple paintings using the letters of common surf verbiage.
'surf god'
'green room'
When i first saw these, i was drawn to the linear qualities and the color usage. A man of many talents he also does these enormous ink jet prints. The subject matter, a roaring, powerful wave, crashing, combined with the enormity of the piece, makes these incredibly dramatic.
these would be amazing in any home-a super modern home in malibu-on the beach-and the surf-verbiage paintings would be 'swell' in a (nice) teenage boy's room. his work is amazing and would look great anywhere. if you'd like to see more of aaron's work, check out his web-site


Decorno said…
Those photos are great. I kept thinking the whole giant photo trend was just going to last a few moments (esp after seeing the Andreas Gursky exhibit in SF years ago) but I think it's here to stay. Something about saving the photographic image from the confines of a 30 x 20" print really makes it more epic and painterly. Very cool. Thanks for sharing BB8!
beachbungalow8 said…
'epic' being the operative word there. the subject matter, really matters in these large scale photos.

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