litto kids

My new bff ( i use this term loosely-i've only just met her but adore her and her work) Designer and mother, Carina Yen saw a need for a modern, sophisticated, vintage inspired baby line. and so, was born, 'litto kids'. I know how all of you new mother's-to-be work. you want the cutest, bestest, most original babies room. and you want it to look sort of like, you know, you just threw it together, effortlessly. Yen's collection spans from bedding (and it is some of the hippest i've ever seen) to original furnishings. making it very easy to pull together an adorable nursery my favorite is the lunar collection. it has such a sophistication about it--with that fretwork? please. that's off the hook. pair it with the bedding -a little 'silly owl' action perhaps- oh, there's also "retro mushrooms", for your baby's.......'shroom. or maybe a little 'magic garden'? you will have, not only the bestest nursery in town, but the funnest too! just to share: these are shots from carina's booth at market this year. creative gal. she has vintage fabrics (tracked down from a warehouse, way east in l.a.) which she cut into this wall art. how much does this make you want to go out and do the same? beats painted disney characters. you can buy her things and see more at or at her, stunning shop -- sequins 912 manhattan avenue manhattan beach, ca 90266 310.798.1788


Cranny said…
Wow, I kinda wish she was my new bff!
Did she design the textiles (and 'characters') as well?
beachbungalow8 said…
i know she's very cool. she did design those characters too. she's a graphic designer as well as interior designer. she just all over the place with creative talent.
Anonymous said…
Those owls are freakin' my shit out.

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