penny wise

penny round tiles are such a great alternative to many of the ceramic tiles that are available and used frequently. white subway tiles? eh. a bit overused, but nice, certainly. square, ceramic glazed tiles, fine. just a bit mundane. beach glass squares, so pretty. but, penny round tiles. Love the penny round tiles. penny tiles are super old school but haven't been used so much in the recent past, and so they feel new and cool. in a small powder room, i used these in a green glaze finish (think organic pottery) floors and walls covered. it was beautiful and dramatic. with the gaining popularity of this tile, more and more options are being offered: the original ceramic in white, clean and so interesting. a backsplash in a kitchen? sha. a new twist on the oft used, beach glass tile: the above is a hand glazed tile. drama. and on to my personal new favorites: stainless steel! wowza. these are no joke. now these would make an amazing back splash in a kitchen. i'm told that these are easy to install (i'm told). and can still be found for, um, pennies. and I end this with cork. sigh. a wonderful material for so many, many reasons: beauty, green-ness, acoustic quality, durability, freshness, novelty. this would be a fantastic flooring anywhere. this i love. the penny round tile can be found at


LOVE THESE! Thanks for sharing!

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