you're such a babe

more cool kids stuff. this time t-shirts. from altru tee. i normally don't like the idea of kids representin' (aka endorsing) but these are sort of funny. and that eveready logo-- a great classic. and who doesn't love elsie the elmer's cow? ( i almost got that cow tattoo-when i was a young pup-thank you, god for making me do better) new york times? oh that's for all of us out there who want to act all poseur-intellectualish, with our kids- 'n stuff. i, personally, know many a butterball who could where this shirt proudly! how about the peter pan shirt for that child who never wants to grow up? find these at not that this matters to anyone but me, the elmer's cow was 'elmer' the borden's cow was 'elsie'


katiedid said…
Need the eveready for my nephew!

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