hammitt bag sale~!!!!!

my dear friend and luxe leather purse designer, stef hammitt, will be having a store wide sale starting this weekend (saturday, september 1st, 10:00 a.m).
stef's bags are pretty much all that i carry anymore. they're beautifully made using fine italian leather, and in the most fabulous colors.
if you need any celeb endorsements, look who else favors these amazing little pets.
this is a once in a rare event to pick up a bag or 4 at a large discount. these puppies are going to fly so come early.
"Of course my recommendations are the Georgia, Ashley & Jennie Styles!!! If you live in the area definitely pop by our retail store starting Saturday September 1st. You can reach us at #310-545-3935, or for direct inquires my cell #310-925-8485 " hammittbags.com
hammitt bags 3616 highland ave manhattan beach, ca


Anonymous said…
*sigh* I live on the East coast. Well, at least I'm out of temptation's way. I need a new refridgerator anyway. ;)
beachbungalow8 said…
i'm serious, if you see anything you like, call her. the prices are going to be incredibly less.

that little bag seen with lindsey lohan, i have in orange. it's the best. i use it as a wallet and throw lip gloss and my phone. i can grab it to go if i don't want a big bag.
freefalling said…
If she is going to be so talented and successful, she could at least have the good grace to look a little bit ugly!
beachbungalow8 said…
i know it. not exactly a tough-mug on stef, eh? she's a stunner, and she has an identical twin.

and the bonus?....so sweet.
Looks elegant as well as sturdy...I am a big bag person...the first pic handbag looks great!
Anonymous said…
must... focus... on... refridgerator...
beachbungalow8 said…
i was just looking at this post (i always need to do some kind of spelling or factoid correction)

and, my god. that lindsey lohan. poor thing. this illustrates why we should all avoid getting our children into the 'business'.

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