magic carpet ride

if i were a little genie, this would be the perfect little ride. it's durable, comes in a couple of sizes and it would be big enough to fit all of my genie friends. but most of all it's pretty!
the plastic woven siri rug (isn't that the tomkat baby's name?)is made by pappelina from sweden.
great in a kitchen or on a patio too.
found here


cotedetexas said…
Tomkat's baby is Suri, but close. I adore the pink rug! love it, love it, love it!

beachbungalow8 said…
of course you would know this because you've,most likely, been sitting around reading these sorts of magazines on the beach!
Anonymous said…

These carpets comes from Sweden, not Switzerland (please try to see us as different countries...)

Anneli (from Sweden).
beachbungalow8 said…
oops. my bad. i wrote that based on what the shop selling them had them as being. i promise i know the difference!

thank you for pointing that out though!

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