carry on!

i'm shuper excited. tim gunn's new series on bravo starts tonight. i love tim gunn. how can you not?? (don't answer that. i might have to push you down.)
in my make believe celebrity world, (you know, where you can choose your favorite stars as bffs and family?) tim is my uncle, my 'in' at parson's. the cool, 'polished' uncle whom i visit in new york. and go with to swish, shwank auntie mame type parties.
or maybe we just go to fashion week in paris together. i just know he's a delight to be around and if i can't live in the slightly odd, delusional, sycophantian world of my dreams....well there's always bravo! carry on.


charlie's mom said…
LOVE him. He's in my fanasy world too except we do Parsons dinner parties together.
Love Tim Gunn and his 50 cent vocabulary. The Tivo is all set!
katiedid said…
I can hardly stand the wait. He is my end all. I am sending my daughter to Parsons (this week she is going to be a fashion designer. And I have Tim to thank.) just so I can have two degrees of seperation.
beachbungalow8 said…
of course, i'd be at that dinner party. i might have to bring along some of my "closest friends" like, phillip seymour hoffman, meryl streep and isaac name a few.
Anonymous said…
Well then I am your sister who also accompanies Uncle Tim to ny fashion fact we are together right now...haha..seriously, I too have that delusional, but comforting world that he is my swooshy uncle who introduced me to Bombay and Tonic and all my friends are gaga when i return from my fab visits with him sporting perfectly fitted designer pieces and slightly sordid, 'mixed' party stories. I loved him on the show last night, more than the actual show - god love him, he has manners - thank goodness he had Veronica to do the rockin' dirty work.
Anonymous said…
I LOVE Tim Gunn!!! What did you think of the show? I think VW seemed a little stiff but hopefully she'll loosen up. I just don't think it's possible to say an unkind word against Mr. Gunn. Can I be a 2nd cousin in this group?
beachbungalow8 said…
i thought/think that veronica webb sort of was um, 'stiff' and seemed bored. but i SO loved tim's choke on the leggings comment. loved it. and in true tim format, he was so write, it was 'hideous'

i don't like leggings. they've been done. DONE.

that participant was adorable.they made her into a young bobbi brown not whitney's)

overall, i can't wait to watch the season.

AND, i so love that man.
Joanna Goddard said…
he would be the best uncle. if he weren't gay, i would marry him!

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