lampe berger

i was visiting with designer/proprietress suzan fellman yesterday while at her great shop in l.a. among the myriad, head exploding cool things she has, she introduced me to this: the one and only 'lampe berger'. this fragrance diffuser not only permeates the air with luxurious fragrances, but it actually sanitizes it as well. totally removes ciggy stink, dog smells, kid sweat, cooking stank the whole nine. with no, icky "bad" for the environment. i just know, coco chanel's atelier would smell like these fragrances (she was a patron of lampe berger as was jean cocteau) you know how a cheap candle smells candle-ey and slighty carcinogenic? not these. not even sort of. and the fragrances...oh! amazing. very euro chic smelling. nothing like i've smelled on the candle market. designed in crystal, stoneware, ceramic or Limoges porcelain, the actual decanters/lampes are objets d'art. no, little apple dumpling, clay wax melting hobbit house for this stuff.
seriously sophisticated. so, so french.
42 fragrances and 120 lamp styles. all gorgeous. how it works:

"Developed by Monsieur Maurice Berger, a pharmaceutical chemist, each lamp features, under its’ stylish cap, a patented catalytic burner that destroys odors and helps purify the air, before the fragrance is dispersed"

i came home right away and lit my lampe berger. i'm SO hooked. me who has been a candle chump for years. plunking down the $$ for rigaud and dyptique, hooked like a junkie.

here's the deal, call suzan or visit her shop. she is so nice and cool .and she can send it to you. she has the exclusive here in so cal. and it's probably not the easiest to find, in the states (another reason why it's so great) i'm going back for more.
suzan fellman 678 s. cloverdale l.a.,ca 323-936-7759


Anonymous said…
Cool post, you know I love this stuff. I'll have to get one. Thanks Megan :)
beachbungalow8 said…
oh you'd love this stuff. it's so, so vintage smelling.
I got one on a whim a few years back and I'm totally hooked! The scent I got (ocean something or other) is unbelievable!
beachbungalow8 said…
ooh. i didn't see that ocean one. suzan has this entire shelf of them though.

i picked up this pachouli mixed, number and TRUST ME, i am NOT a pachouli girl. i was even afraid to sniff it for fear of having that smell locked into my sinus cavity.

but one whiff and i was in love with it. smells like a french perfume. very decadent. not hippy haight street AT-ALL
beachbungalow8 said…
robyn, this stuff is so absolutely YOU!
Anonymous said…
Please have a friend look over this site for you. Honestly, my 5th grade students write better than whoever created this site. It's almost offensive to read.
beachbungalow8 said…
nah, grammar nazi, i have over a thousand people a day, look it over. most are kind and polite, those who are not, move on.

but thanks for your kind support. i'm sure you make a wonderful teacher to our youth.
beachbungalow8 said…
maybe they don't teach you this in patchogue, community college,

so you know, it's "whomever" created this site.....oh educated one.

good luck finding your 'cheap berger'
Anonymous said…
If it's 'almost offensive,' why do you read it? Most people with the time to be reading blogs would move on to something they found less 'almost offensive.'
Anonymous said…
That is correct, it is "whomever." Maybe you should have had one of your 5th graders write the comment for you. No one is making you read BB8, so if it's burning your eyes, or something, quit looking at it.

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