wanted: wedding photographer

photo credit happy.phantom
i'm looking for a wedding photographer.......in mexico. anyone?


Anonymous said…
Try Jesse Leake photography. He's located in San Francisco but does a lot of location weddings. www.jesseleakephotography.com
Good Luck!
jaime said…
jen s. rau based out of southern california is the best wedding photographer you will ever meet. she does location weddings all the time, not to mention she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

jaime said…
here is a link to her site.
Megan- I know a GREAT wedding photographer. Not in Mexico, but he travels. Email me if you're interested, but I understand if you want one based in Mexico :)

Decorno said…
He's so freaking amazing. His website doesn't do him justice. I saw his photos in person and they were just perfect. He's won the PDN award a few times.

Also, I like Dacia Pierson... she's a broke recent art-student grad who might take a short margin on her work if you could buy her a ticket to Mexico. If you look at the wedding portion of the portfolio, I really like the photos of Manau and Jerome: http://daciapierson.com/
beachbungalow8 said…
amazingly helpful! you guys are fabtastically delish

cabo san lucas, meHEco.

i'll be sure to post some of the photos as i'm getting really into art directing it all. so fun this time around!
beachbungalow8 said…
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Anonymous said…
I used www.kathilittwin.com she & her partner are an amazing team. They are based in NYC and will travel anywhere. Some of my wedding photos were featured in Brides magazine on her behalf. Let me know what you think abt her work. It's not at all choreographed but she will do any posed shots you would like.
Jenna said…
I am getting married on the 7th and am using http://www.evadahl.com/, but Jeshderox.com is fantastic : )
If you don't find anyone--- I'll do it, I'm a photographer : )
Anonymous said…

I found her after I bought her chair on Craigslist!! She is AMAZING! Check out the waterfall pic from Costa Rica.
katiedid said…
Congrats! I don't know anyone, but I'm looking forward to seeing the pics!
Anonymous said…
Weddings are so wonderful!! How exciting! My personal suggestion is Robyn Kessler. She's based out of San Francisco, but shoots on location as well. She has a fantastic eye and an amazing way of capturing the magic of moments as they happen.

Unknown said…

You must try one of the following:
Elizabeth Medina (An American who has lived in Mexico for many years)


Sol Tamargo ( A Mexican photographer soon to be married to an American wedding photographer)

Both are based out of Yucatan and may travel.

Unknown said…
Oh, I forgot. Elizabeth Medina is a fellow blogger too:

Melanie said…
ooohh...we'd LOVE to shoot your wedding! Check us out: whiteboxweddings.squarespace.com

I love your blog!
You can find wedding photographers for every part of Mexico at
Anonymous said…

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