curbly candy corn contest

candy corn has always been one of my least favorite candies (i'm not a big sweet tooth anyway) i put them right up there with 'circus peanuts' (which taste the way suede-shoe spray, smells)
on the rare occasion that i might eat one, i'm always left with that total car-sick, sugar head-ache feeling. and, once i knew this girl named Muffy Benson who got one stuck in her nose. whenever i see one, i'm reminded of her standing, crying with the little yellow end sticking out of her tiny nostril.
so my whole feeling around this little pointy nugget of saccharine just isn't so great. plus i feel like they're the total cheap, cop-out to trick-or-treat candy. but here we find ourselves in the middle of candy corn season. so this little striped, grainy, waxy 'treat' seems to be popping up everywhere. and honestly, the colors are kind of great.
which is why i suppose the folks at the diy site-curbly have decided to throw a contest.
The Challenge: Transform these corn syrupy wedges into something seasonally superior for your home. Or, take a cue from its traditional three color stripes, and use it as an aesthetic for you next creation. The rules:
- Contest begins now, and submissions are due by Thursday, October 11th.
- Your entry should consist of a blog post showing what you did. You must include a photo!
so i extend this challenge to you. i will happily post your 'candy corn' inspired diy or interior design project, so that you fulfill on the blog posting part.
the prize? a $75.00 gift card to amazon. and the pride of knowing you are the king/queen of candy corn love. just don't try that nose thing.


Style Court said…
Apart from Barbie shoes, it seems Candy Corn is the object most likely to be inserted in a child's nose :)
I love this. Off to the drawing board...
beachbungalow8 said…
court-omg, you're totally right! i can remember chewing on barbie shoes while we played.
Anonymous said…
Hello BB8,
Even as a kid, those retchid, faded-orange, squishy circus peanuts neva-eva caught my fancy......
Ooooo, imagine the artificial/imitation/faux/ flavor chemicals they whip together to bring on that......ummmm......."taste"?!?!?
CandyCorn competes with those black & orange wax wrapped peanut butter sticky things as a drag in the Halloween bag.

My mum (a nurse) once told me that Barbie shoes were the culprit in many "removal" procedures, and not exclusively to little noses.....(yikes!)
Cheers, Alison
beachbungalow8 said…
oh ya, many of my friends who are e.n.ts tell me about their residencies filled with extractions of all kinds of 'foriegn objects' from orifices! some i can remember:
tic-tacs, crayons and green beans.

i'm just happy i was never one of those kids who wondered "what would happen if i just....."

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