dear anonymous, why must you be so fearful?

a few months ago, i decided to turn my comment moderation tool off. most of you who read this, just don't seem to have unfair things to say about what i post (or maybe i'm not very controversial ) but every once in a , rare, while, some cry baby, rings the doorbell of comments and runs off. leaving a suspicious pile of crappy accusations and insults.
while i don't care if you want to tell me that you think someone is a 'douche bag'--(although, i think a more creative word could be used here. total 4th grade boy term) be a man about it. take some responsibility for your words. don't refer to yourself as ANONOYMOUS.
are you kidding me?
make up a name for chrissakes. something like, "nelly olson" would be apropos
and what are you afraid of? that..... i've never understood either. what's so scary to you about leaving a comment and owning it?
so, dear anonymous, for the record:
this is my blog. i'm the only one who gets to make unmoderated comments on whom i blog. not you. and you know what? 'anonymous'? blogger is free. create your own blog-it's quite easy. maybe call it something creative like:
'douche bags and stupid heads who are not the boss of me'
but please, don't waste my time or air space. really. don't. you're just way too passive, timid--and boorish to be a part of this group. NQOKD (not quite our kind dear)


Marianne said…
Be happy for the fact that abusive comments mean you have a popular and interesting blog! :)

I think there's a way you can disallow anonymous comments. Or, just delete inappropriate comments. Don't give jerkoffs the satisfaction of being published and eliciting responses from other commentators.
Unknown said…
I almost chocked on a saltine cracker reading this I laughed so freakin hard!!!! Awesome - I think your friend anonymous has visited me as well. Thanks for telling the arrogant poopy headed bastard the way it is! You are my new hero!!!
Anonymous said…
You're rad. Love your blog.
cotedetexas said…
Yeah, he's been pretty bored this week, he's leaving comments all over. Check out my blog, I got it too!

Unknown said…
It seems like douche bag is making the rounds...I've had anonymous strikes also, and quite frankly I delete delete delete...I won't give any air time. It's absolutely bad manners.
Anonymous said…
'Ello BB8......
For the same reasons "anons" love Halloween: Blogs are another opportunity to cower behind a mask and do/write pukeydouchebaggish things.......!!
You're pure swish and then some......Alison
Mrs. Blandings said…
As always, you crack me up. Don't worry, he got picked last for kick ball his whole life and now he's taking it out on you.
beachbungalow8 said…
you know what...

this was spurned by several different comments made on several different occassions (how can i not get that spelling right?) i just have had it with the nasty anon comments. blah.

and yes, i've had a few unsavory things written about myself (these don't bother me so much anymore) but i will NOT put up with shitty things said about people on whom i write.

it's totally not cool and unfair to them. they didn't ask me to blog about them. i won't have it.
The Nelly Olsen bit was competely hilarious :)
Funny how he won't leave a comment the way, how do we know it's a 'he'? Love this post soooo much.
Jane Flanagan said…
I like how we all assume it's a "he" LOL. I think your blog is smart and funny. But the majority of people in the world are not smart and funny. Tough luck. Anonymous unfunny, unsmart has sour grapes :)
Anonymous said…
Omgosh. This was great and humorous. I love you. :D
Michelle said…
I laughed so hard my boyfriend came funning, I almost fell of my chair. I feel the same way about those anons, ball-less loosers. Have you read Dooce? she makes a special post every few months dedicated to the mean comments she gets and they are just hysterical.

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