20 trying to be 40 trying to be 20

is 20 the new 40? is this what suburban beauty standards have come to?
there's a trend in 20 something year olds. big efforts are being made to look like 40 something .....they, who are actually trying to look 20 something. it's some kind of weird vicious cougar cycle they're all on. and we all know what this means. next we'll have the 'tweens' aspiring to look like the 20 year olds......
who are actually looking more like the 40 year olds who are attempting to look like 20 again. phew. pretty soon, it will all just be a deep messy, steaming chasm of cakey make-up, peroxide, juicy sweats and extensions.
(i think this picture was a self timed, in the bathroom shot. that hat. sort of a trucker/newsboy thing going on? two strong career choices. or boyfriend types. the kind who will give you a lift to your job at bare elegance)
and it's an interesting (albeit a tad manic) look. for sure. one that takes not a little effort. by anyone's standard.


Courtney said…
the last photo actually scared me a little. I don't think I could achieve that look if I spent 6 hours on my eyes alone. I'm not sure my dainty Stila makeup could come close to this "look." Ew.
SGM said…
Excellent post and sadly true, true, true.
Decorno said…
OMG, so fucking true. All of it. It's just GROSS, gross, gross. Real Skanks of Orange County-esque. Oy. God save us.
1995 called--they want their make-up techniques back. I think every single one of their mothers looks younger than they do.
beachbungalow8 said…
it's regional. right?? i mean, help me people. this is NOT going on outside of my part of the world.

if it is, i blame MTV, bravo and any other show that promotes 'stripper' as a look to which one should aspire if you're 40 trying to be 20 or 20 trying to be...i don't even know what age.

what happened to dewy youth? fresh faced girls? these girls look crusty.
alis said…
sorry to tell you this.. it's not regional. this has been going on also in Istanbul.. we are at a stage that the younger the girls are the skankier they're trying to look. that hair color, "bitch blonde" as i like to call it does not look good with that thick plaster of frickin orange bronzing powder. the formula to avoid this(other than looking in the mirror): hair color must be darker than skin color!

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