contained living

i love these. such genius. way better than any box fort i every built. with a push of a button this, shipping container......
unfolds like a flower. 90 seconds.....flat.
launched box, box launched
while many architects and designers have long been fascinated with reusing these steel boxes as inhabitable, chic spaces, few have so successfully executed. Adam Kalkin is the artist/architect behind these masterful pods of living.
kalkin has designed these for everything from luxury living (below) to disaster relief housing.
Kalkin’s idea as an examination of “home as one continuous mouldable surface, a relief against which human activity would pop out.”
well, ok then.
if you have a chance check out kalkin's website, 'architecture + hygiene' it has a great video on this design concept.
between november 28 and december 29, 2007, at the time warner center in new york city, shoppers can experience the temporary "push button house cafe" that the trieste, italy-based illycaffè will be installing.


Anonymous said…
Wow. These are fantastic. They remind me of a painting teacher I had, and his wife, who grew up in the outskirts of Chicago during the Depression. Both of their families lived in old boxcars. They'd fix up a fascade to look like a house, and whole families would live in these 40-foot long spaces. Without running water. Or bathrooms. But these container spaces are awesome.
diana murphy said…
Most excellent! I'll definitely check out the push button illycaffe at time warner. I visited the website. I kind of like the old lady house design. Goodness.
Unknown said…
That is so damn cool. Like a Transformer, only for something useful, like coffee.
Anonymous said…
BRILLIANT, I love this and will check out his site.
Thanks Megan.
That is just ridiculously cool. Thanks for the great post!
Anonymous said…
This is an amazing idea! I want one!

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