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people, it's time to take out your voyuer goggles because the lovely courtney - blogger a.k.a. in (side) the loop, has been so kind as to send me requested photos of her INSANELY cool 1926, texas bungalow.
seriously, the girl has it all....the kwid 'trellis' wallpaper that i covet, weird and cool little design pieces placed artfully everywhere, an amazing educational fish poster (that she unearthed while working at anthropologie), she's mixed vintage with new and has beautifully curated etsy finds all over her home. there's more, come on in.......
i know you'll agree. it's the shi-Izzle.
Black & White chairs - Storehouse Zebra rug & Richard Nixon blue/white rug - Johnathan Adler Coffee Table & TV console - IKEA pillows & throw on couch - Anthropologie Magazine cart - vintage find embroidered bird print - vintage floor lamp - West Elm
On coffee table: vintage Japanese books & old firehouse that has never been used. The brass ends are still wrapped in burlap. Purchased from The Homestretch.
Den/Dining: Sherwin-Williams Meander Blue SW 6484
couch - Anthropologie woven fiberglass chairs with green cushions & wooden wine crate between them - Pieces, Atlanta
"for our 2nd anniversary, my husband and I drove to Atlanta to purchase a few pieces from Lee's shop for our new home. We wanted to buy everything in the store! Thank goodness we had a budget - and a limited amount of space in the truck to fit everything."
Horse leg that was used for education purposes (all the bones are labeled) - vintage from The Homestretch plate above horse leg - John Derian
On dining buffet: Lamp is vintage. Shade from Anthro. Vintage cocktail set purchased from Austin Modern . Vintage mirror from husband's parents. John Derian pieces on wall. Anthro French rooster print next to kitchen doorway.
medical cart used as bar - vintage from The Homestretch coocoo clock - Anthro All trim wood work: Sherwin-Williams Greek Villa SW 7551 Bathroom: Sherwin-Williams Flan SW 6652
Bathroom: "I made the silhouettes of our little family. JJ, me, and Burkly Deluxe. John Derian plate above window."
Front Bedroom/Office: Sherwin-Williams Rustic City SW 7699
Hallway: KWID Imperial Trellis, Green wallpaper
My great grandmother's bed & dresser. Kate Spade duvet My grandmother's Singer sewing machine used as end table. Anthro lamp & shade was a gift Vintage clock and "B" Vintage US President plates Vintage wire leg brace hanging on wall with pic of our family in it Vintage wire leg brace hanging on wall with pic of our family in it
The fish poster -
" I worked at Anthropologie for a little while when I first moved to Houston and was looking for a new job (after leaving the fashion industry in NY). I had to clean out the stock room one day when we were preparing for a visit from Glen Senk. I crawled on a ladder and was picking up the tops of our shelves and this was rolled up there. Anthro has all kinds of Found Objects they sell. It was 3 wks before my husband's birthday and when I unrolled it, I knew he would love it! We have it hanging from brass curtain rod holders. It details the inside parts of a fish."
Vintage mannequin I bought in Brooklyn from a designer that was closing shop. Vintage church bulliten case hanging above desk. Lucite & wood desk - Pieces in Atlanta Lamp on desk - Thomas O'Brien for Target Vintage desk chair - I have not painted or recovered it yet. The next project on my list! Master Bedroom: Martha Stewart for Valspar (Lowe's) Bonbon MS074; David Hicks for Clarence House wallpaper love the alicia bock photos! so fun to see them in a home.
House Details and notes: 1926 Bungalow, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, 1250 sq ft. of living space
"I painted all the interior doors a high gloss black lacquer to define the space a bit more. We have such a small home, I wanted maximum impact...and I also wanted you to feel each seperate space"
thank you, courtney, from all of us! i love your home it's such a great example of how all of these things, we so often read and write about can be used. you've done an exceptional job with your darling bungalow!


Mrs. Blandings said…
You can totally see "her" in the space,which I adore. That master bedroom - fabulous.
72 and sunny said…
how can you seriously not want to go stand really close next to her. (god how creepy does that sound)

just so some of that magical design ju-ju will rub off.
Courtney said…
I cannot believe all the amazing comments on here and emailed to me. I love bloggers and blog readers - seriously the kindest people in the world!

Megan, I would love for you to stand really close because I would hope your artistic skills rubbed off on me. Girl can do wonders with a paintbrush in hand!
Pink Wallpaper said…
i love courtney's's so fantastic! i love the "staging" of all of her trinkets!
Jane Flanagan said…
Yowza - she's hit all her marks and still created a home that's personable and disarmingly pretty.
Style Court said…
Courtney and Megan,

Thanks so much for letting us in. Love your color combinations. It's so fun to see the Pieces chairs and your Anthropologie & Adler choices mixed in your own highly personal way.

diana murphy said…
What an amazing friend you have! And what fine treasures she has!! I'm especially intrigued by the genetics chart. Another Anthro discovery?? Would love to hear the story...

SUCH a great post!
Alicia said…
I was just thinking that this is my dream house, and then I spotted 2 of my photos hanging on her wall. Well, if I can't live there I am thrilled my art can.
HOBAC said…
See things like this just make me think Texas is the place for us (needless to say friends think I'm crazy). Very cool house and I just love that bike!
Courtney said…
The Genetics chart was found in a prop shop on Houston St (funny, no?) in New York. I already had the fish poster and thought this would be a neat addition. Although, I can't tell you how many people think I have rats hanging on my wall! Everyone thinks those are rats -

Thanks for the comments. I am beyond flattered.
court. said…
I have been looking for nightstands like those for a long time!!! Did you extend the bottoms to make them taller? I love your style...

Anyone have any tips on finding similar furniture in SE Florida?
Courtney said…
I did extend the bottoms. They were really short and not quite the right height for our bed (my husband is 6'5"). He built them up an additional 8" by securing a plank to the bottom on 3 sides - leaving the back side open to hide cords and our internet router, etc. Then I filled in the seam and sanded them down. We found these off Craigslist. As long as you find something with nice lines - and made of wood - you can always change paint and hardware! The project and nightstands cost us less than $60.
72 and sunny said…
alicia! i can't believe i didn't cred you. i just fixed it. your work looks beautiful in courtney's home!
O.K., so I'm going mad over those Liberty statues....gotta have some of those for my place. Her place is fresh/fun/hip.
72 and sunny said…
i know, where did you get all of those courtney? i'd love to hear more about that collection...
heidi said…
I'm in beauty overload! Where is the buffet from?
Love the look of the blue painted walls.
Courtney said…
When I first moved to Houston, I was really sad and missed NYC so much. I walked into a mid-century antique store and the man had a collection of old souvenirs in a cabinet. They made me smile and brought back such happy memories. So we went home together...and they still make me remember how much I love that city.

The buffet was bought at Storehouse before they went out of business. It holds a substantial amount of stuff, which is needed in these smaller homes!

Thanks Megan!! xx
Anonymous said…
excellent blog! I really enjoyed this post; the front door is MOST excellent. The Sherwin-Williams Meander Blue SW 6484 is exactly what I've been looking for to match my map collections in my Den bath. I don't see anything I don't like. The bath is great as is the great old bicycle! Great House.
Michelle said…
I had no idea she had such a beautiful home, I guess that makes sense since her blog is so cool.
It all looks terrific but I love that sofa.
Erin Gates said…
This is SUCH a fantastic house. I wish there were bungalows like this for sale in the northeast!
Michael Floyd said…
I have an Empire State building from the 60's or 70's
so inspirational. i love the wall colors and retro wall hangings, especially. oh yeah, i want her bike, too!

Awesome curb appeal, even better interior! Love it!

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